Saturday marked day four of the NY2LA Summer Jam. Here are some of the 15U standouts from Day 4 in Wisconsin…

2019 6’3” G Brandon Weatherspoon – MBA Hoops
– Weatherspoon already has a good foundation in terms of size. He’ll have to continue to fill out his frame, but he showed athleticism when attacking the rim in the open floor. To add to his transition skills, Weatherspoon showed he could also attack the rim in the half court as well as knock down the triple. Brandon will have to develop his jumper as he gains more experience and improve his decision making with the ball, but he has a chance to be a solid college prospect.

2020 6’9” G/F Jaemyn Brakefield – MBA Hoops – Jaemyn is a point-forward type with size and length. Brakefield has the tools to develop into a high-major prospect. From versatility and the ability to score at all three levels, Brakefield displayed a foundation that suggests he could develop into a multiple-positional player with size. Jaemyn is also able to provide occasional rim protection. For him to be a true point-forward, he’ll need to become a better ball handler; especially under pressure. Additionally, he’ll have to make better decisions with the ball and consistently accurate passes.

2019 6’7” G/F Ozzie Johnson – Indiana Elite Central 2019 – Johnson is still very much a raw prospect. However, he showed a lot of flashes of the player he could be. For starters, he does a good job of getting out in the open floor and finishing plays. Playing with length and a high motor, Johnson kept himself active on both ends as a rebounder and in his overall effort. Ozzie’s jump shot will have to get better, but he did show he could make the 10-12 footer. Johnson has to improve his handle to become a better slasher.

2020 6’4” G/F Austin Andrews – Net Gain Sports – Andrews shows skill as a power forward who can also pass and occasionally handle the basketball. He plays mostly as a back-to-the-basket player. Andrews does a solid job of catching and finding even the slightest space to be able to put the ball up at the rim and finish the play. While not the prototypical size for a front court player, Austin is a capable rebounder at this stage. As his game matures, he’ll benefit from adding a consistent jumper that he is willing to go to and also improve as a ball handler.

2019 6’4” F Collin Dietz – Illinois Irish Elite – Dietz had an impressive outing against Playground Elite. Dietz plays with a high motor and stays active on the glass where he gets plenty of put backs around the rim. Dietz is a solid athlete who can put the ball on the floor and make the occasional jumper. His shot will have to improve and his handle will have to get better, but Collin finds a way to finish plays. He led the game with 18 points in a one-point win over Playground Elite.

2019 6’3” SF Anthony Fairlee – Illinois Irish Elite – Fairlee has an ability to make an impact on a game and not have to score in bunches. A very good athlete with bounce, Fairlee can rebound at a pretty good rate for a 6’3” forward. He keeps balls alive and is able to combine his length and athleticism to impact both ends of the floor.

2019 6’6” PF Malachy Simpson – Jets/Ramey United – Physically Simpson already has a nice foundation to build on as he matures as a front court player. He’s a good high-low passer, solid rebounder, and shows developing post skill and finishing ability in transition. Simpson does a solid job of contesting and even blocking a couple of shots. The 6’9” forward can attack the rim off the bounce and even make an open three. Simpson has the upside to develop into a stretch four who can also play his back to the basket.

2019 6’4” F William Shumpert – Jets/Ramey United – Shumpert plays much bigger than his 6’4” height would suggest. Shumpert is a very good rebounder and will fight and scrap inside. His scrappiness and willingness to rebound, especially on the offensive end, puts him consistently in a position to score on put backs that quickly add up on the scoreboard. Shumpert will have to expand his offensive game to be more than an inside scorer. Adding a jumper for starters, but given his size, adding better ball handling and a consistent drive game should allow him to see immediate results as a slasher. While Shumpert’s overall skill set is still in the development stages, he plays hard and with plenty of effort, which is always a good beginning point.

2020 6’9” F/C Emmanuel Okpomo – MBA Hoops
– Okpomo has the length and mobility to be a high level defender. From blocking shots to the amount of ground he can cover thanks to his mobility, Emmanuel has the tools to make it tough to get an uncontested shot off while he’s in the area of the shooter. A developing post player, Okpomo showed he could score over his shoulder and finish strong above the rim. He’ll need to continue to improve as a finisher, but what you like is that he stays after his misses; keeping offensive rebounds alive until he converts.

2019 6’2” SG Justin Hensley – Indiana Elite Central 2019 – Hensley was arguably the best shooter I saw all day at Brown Deer. Every shot he took from beyond the arc felt as if it was going in. As cliché as that may sound, it’s true. In fact, most of them did. He showed he could knock down jumpers from different parts of the arc either off the catch or on the move. Hensley will have to improve his on ball skills, but his shooting ability is very good.

2019 6’2” SG Armaan Franklin – Indiana Elite Central 2019 – Franklin was an absolute scorer in the morning session; he finished with a game-high 24 points. Confidence and an attacker off the bounce are where he begins to manufacture the bulk of his points. Not only is he a slasher, but he’ll mix it up inside and score through contact. His athleticism is solid, but as he matures that should improve along with his physical attributes. Franklin will need to improve his ball handling, especially under pressure. 

2019 5’6” PG Daylon Dalton – Jets/Ramey United – Dalton is quick handling the ball end to end. His low-to-the-ground build allows him to slash into the creases of the defense and finish at the rim. Not only is he quick get up and down the floor, but he has a quick first step that adds to him as a slasher. His jumper will have to improve and he’ll have to continue to develop as a floor leader and decision maker with the ball.

2019 6’7” F Chris Payton – Illinois Warhawks – Payton has a versatile skill set and athleticism that marks him as a high-major prospect in the 2019 class. Payton can play a point-forward role, which is especially helpful to him coming down the floor in transition. Once he puts it in his mid that he’s going to drive to the rim, he can use his handle to get to the front of the rim and either lay it in or finish with a strong dunk. His long arms and mobility aid him both as a rebounder and rim protector. Payton showed as much upside as anyone at Brown Deer on Saturday.

2019 6’3” G/F Damone Williams-Gray – Kessel Heat Orange – Williams-Gray was a pleasant surprise for me on Saturday. He plays extremely hard on both ends and has a ton of upside. As a defender he’s willing and able to guard multiple positions. He does not quite on a play and was able to get a clean chase-down block from behind. While not a knock down shooter, Damone showed he could make jumpers from the free-throw line area as well as from the perimeter. Williams-Gray demonstrated toughness and a willingness to compete, to get on the floor to go after loose balls and to play multiple positions as a player down the road.

2019 5’11” CG Andrew Stewart – BSA Premier Black – Stewart was clutch in a three-point win over Kessel Heat Orange. His ability to knock down timely big triples consistently kept the scoreboard in his team’s favor, despite a late charge from Kessel. Stewart can play on or off the ball, but made his impact mostly off the ball. He did show he could initiate the offense and find teammates with his passing ability. Stewart will have to improve his explosion off the bounce, but with his shooting ability he’ll still be able to make solid contributions as a scorer while he gains experience as a player.