Day 2 of the 2019 NY2LA Sports Spring Extravaganza saw more college coaches take in some high level performances.  Baylor Hebb was the talk of the day as the 3D Empire standout erupted for 48 points in one victory.  Here’s a look at that and more who stood out on Saturday in Wisconsin…

Top Performers 
Baylor Hebb - 2020 - 6’2 - 3D Empire

After a solid opening day at the NY2LA Association, Baylor Hebb had an even better second day. Hebb and 3D Empire had two of the tougher draws in the schedule today as they played both the WI Rap and WI Swing Litscher. Both of these teams are very well coached and are expected to finish at the top of the Association. Baylor Hebb took the challenge head on. In his first game of the day against the WI Rap Hebb finished with 15 points and 3 assists which resulted in a 63-55 loss. In the second matchup of the day for 3D Empire against WI Swing Litscher, Hebb put the team on his back and refused to lose. Hebb had an unconscious shooting performance as he shot 16-25 from the field which included 7-11 from behind the arc which totaled 48 points in a 74-69 victory over the WI Swing Litscher. Hebb is almost impossible to guard. He has a wide variety of skills which he uses to his advantage. His ability to shoot the long ball is complemented by his ability to attack the rim. Court awareness and his basketball instincts will continue to separate Hebb from his opponents. Hebb currently holds three Division 1 offers (University of Texas Arlington, Sam Houston State and Abilene Christian) and is expected to receive many more in response to the extremely successful spring he is currently having. 

Frank Jakubicek - 2020 - 6’8 - Quad City Elite
Quad City Elite captured two victories on Saturday and a player who was key in both of the wins was Frank Jakubicek. Jakubicek has been playing as good as anyone big man at the Spring Extravaganza this weekend through his ability to score the basketball in a variety of ways and also with his rebounding. Against Minnesota Comets Elite Jakubicek scored 13 points and grabbed 6 rebounds. Jakubicek was able to utilize his athleticism, strength and size to dominate his opposition. Standing at 6’8, Jakubicek is able to finish around the rim but is also able to stretch the floor with his ability to knock down jump shots. On the defensive end even if Jakubicek does not block shots he alters many, making it challenging for opponents to score within the paint. The potential for Jakubicek is very high and as he continues to develop his game will be very challenging to stop. 

Zidane Moore - 2020 - 6’2 - Team Ramey CCM Red
Team Ramey was able to win both of their games on Saturday to improve their record to 2-1 after an opening night loss to the WI Rap. This team competes at a very fast tempo which is often challenging to keep up with. The defensive pressure that is given to their opposition is difficult to handle at times and when they create turnovers everything seems to go right for them. Zidane Moore for Team Ramey was deadly from behind the arc, pouring in 9 three pointers in two games on Saturday. His most notable performance was in a 54-32 victory over MN Comets Elite in which Moore connected on 7 of 9 three point shots which led him to a game high of 21 points. Moore is a very good shooter who can catch fire at any time. Once one shot goes in his confidence grows and grows. Moore is always hunting his shot and when it goes in it makes Team Ramey CCM Red a very tough team to beat. 

Isaac Lindsey - 2020 - 6’4 - WI Swing Litscher
Isaac Lindsey is without a doubt one of the top players in the 17U division of the NY2LA Association this year. Lindsey can do it all for his team where he is surrounded by talent. The combination of guards Colin Schaffer and Reed Gunnick to complement Lindsey very nicely for a competitive WI Swing group. Lindsey continued to stay consist on Saturday as he scored 15 points in a win against Team Getshook and 18 points in a tough loss to 3D Empire. Lindsey is a willing passer when he is unable to find an open shot and does many things very well. His high basketball IQ is noticeable whenever he takes the floor and it is obvious that he is the leader of his team. Lindsey handles the ball very well and has great playmaking abilities. Whether it is attacking the rim, pulling up for a midrange jumper or knocking down a three coming off of a screen Lindsey is a tough matchup. 

Wendell Green - 2020 - 6’0 - Michigan Playmakers
Dispute losing two very tight games to both Team Ramey CCM Red and Quad City Elite, Wendell Green was extremely impressive in both defeats. In the first game Green went 8 of 14 from the field which added up to 28 points. Green followed up his high scoring performance in the afternoon by scoring 33 points which included 4 three pointers. Green has shown his ability to get to the rim at will all weekend long and when that is linked with his ability to finish around the rim it makes him a very dangerous player. Green is definitely a playmaker and when the ball is in his hands good things happen. His quickness and ability to handle the ball has been unmatched. Green is someone to keep an eye on this summer and spring because of his ability to control the game, handle the ball and of course score the ball at will. 

Cliff McCray - 2020 - 6’2 - WI Premier
Wisconsin has many talented guards and Cliff McCray is no exception. McCray of the WI Premier can compete with anyone. This 6 foot 2 guard is fearless when attacking the hoop and is extremely efficient from the three point line. In two games on Saturday McCray connected on 5 of his 7 three point attempts and netted 15 and 22 points in a pair of victories over H.I.T Basketball and Il Irish Elite. McCray is able to handle the ball very well and is always looking to push the tempo. If there is a hole in the opponent's defense odds are McCray will find it.  McCray has helped his team to a 3-0 record through Saturday and will try to continue their perfect record on Sunday as they square off against Team Ramey CCM Red. 

Shilo Bowles - 2020 - 6’7 -WI RAP
Long, Versatile and Explosive would be three words that come to mind when describing Shilo Bowles of the WI Rap. Bowles and the Rap have found themselves on the winning side of their first three games of the Weekend after defeating 3D Empire and Team Getshook on Saturday. The Wi Rap has a very deep and skilled team who play very well together and Shilo Bowles is no exception. Bowles has a very long 6 foot 7 frame that causes problems for opponents. On defense Bowles has very active hands and is very good at getting deflections which lead to turnovers for his team. In addition to his deflections, Bowles also crashes the boards hard and uses his length and athleticism to explode for rebounds. On the offensive side of things Bowles is no slouch as well. Bowles is at his best when in transition where he is able to use his speed and explosiveness to get to the rim and finish with easy. Something that separates Shilo Bowles from other players on the court would be his motor which never seems to quit. He is constantly hustling and working hard which leads him to both individual and team success. Bowles scored 20 points and grabbed 10 rebounds over the course of 2 games. Over the course of the weekend Bowles has been very impressive and does all that he can to help his team win. 

Carson Smith - 2020 - 6’1 - Phenom University NY2LA
The Phenom University NY2LA team was able to rebound after an opening night loss to All Iowa Attack Red with 2 victories on Saturday. Much of the success can be linked to the scoring of Carson Smith. Although the Phenom University NY2LA team has multiple scorers and is more team oriented than one player changing the game, it was Smith who jump started the Phenom offense and got them back on track for the weekend. Smith is a player who is a knock down shooter, can get to the rim and is always looking to score in transition. His ability to score quickly and often helped Phenom jump out to early leads and then continue to build on the lead throughout the game. Smith is a good decision maker on the court and shot selection is a large part of that. Like most of his team he shoots high percentage shots and knocks them down. In two games on Saturday Smith shot 13 of 21 from the field and helped Phenom University NY2LA to a 2-1 record on the weekend. 

Alex Huibregtse - 2020 - 6’3 - Phenom University NY2LA 
Alex Huibregtse of Phenom University NY2LA had on of the top shooting performances of the weekend on Saturday night in a matchup with UTS Elite where he drained all 7 of his three point attempts which added up to 21 points on the night. Huibregtse also had 12 points on 8 shots earlier in the day against Midwest Unsigned. When Huibregtse is open he shoots it and usually makes it. He has proven to be a very efficient scorer and does not force or take bad shots. Huibregtse can score the ball on multiple levels and will continue to help his team in a variety of ways. 

Solomon White - 2020 - 6’3 - Grand Rapids Storm
Solomon White had a very solid showing on Saturday at the NY2LA Spring Extravaganza. To start the day White helped his Grand Rapids Storm team beat the Young Legends 72-60. In this game White scored 12 points on 4 of 9 shooting from the field.  In his second game of the day White exploded to score 24 points on 12 shots including 5 of 5 from the three point line and also added 5 rebounds. On White is a very solid all around player. As a guard he has shown his ability to handle the basketball and get to the rim and finish. White has a jump shot that is capable of making baskets almost anywhere on the floor. Court awareness and basketball instincts continue to separate White’s play from others. White does many things for the Grand Rapids Storm and when his shots are falling they are very tough to beat. 

Anyiarbany Makoi - 2020 - 6’5 - Carroll GoL1ve
Anyiar Makoi and Carroll GoL1ve earned a 3 win and 0 loss record through the first two days of action in the NY2LA Association. Makoi has been a player to watch all weekend long. In the opening game of the day Makoi had a solid performance of 12 points and 8 rebounds. Makoi has great physical attributes of size, length and explosiveness which compliment his skills of getting to the rim, shooting the basketball and grabbing rebounds. Although his first performance was nothing to forget about, it was his second performance that was one of the most impressive stat lines of the night. Makoi went a perfect 14 of 14 from the field which included 3 three pointers and tallied up to 34 points. In both matchups Makoi and Carroll GoL1ve have shown great efficiency and ability to score the basketball consistently. This team and Makoi will certainly continue to be a team to watch throughout the NY2LA Association.