With a tremendous deal of talent on hand in Indianapolis, there were tons of freshman excelling and making a name for themselves. Here are the ones who helped themselves out the most over the three days. 

Cameron Casky - 2024 - G/F - Progeny Hoops
A long and athletic wing that has a high ceiling. The freshman showed off a good versatile skill set and made plays on both ends. A tough on ball defender that also played well atop his teams 1-3-1 zone constantly giving the offense issues. On the offensive end, he proved to be a skilled passer. Often attacking the paint and creating for his teammates with pin point passes when he got in there. As well to scoring inside through traffic on his drives and cuts to the basket. 

Luke Hopp - 2024 - F - Mid-Pro Academy
A lengthy 6’5” wing forward with some good guard skills. Over the course of the weekend, Hopp showed the ability to handle the ball versus pressure and attack the basket, has a good jumper with some range, and can really pass the basketball. A high upside player that is one to track. 

Nick Janowski - 2024 - G - Phenom University
A skilled 6’3” freshman guard that knows how to plays. Janowski has a good ability on the offensive end to beat defenders in variety of ways. He is a smooth shooter that can really knock down jumpers. The guard moves well with the ball to be able to create good looks for himself as well to adding some baskets going to the hoop. 

Junior Kambomba - 2024 - G - CAPS Fastbreak
A lanky and agile wing guard with some size in the backcourt at 6’3”. Kambomba was at his best attacking the basket. He maneuvers nicely with the ball in his hands with good lateral quickness and proved to be tough to stay in front of. He got the basket often and finished in traffic there with his length on drives and cuts as well as in the transition game. 

Aiden Krause - 2024 - G - WI RAP DJ
A strong and high energy 6’2” wing guard. He scored the ball very well, especially taking the ball strong to the basket and finishing through contact in addition to showing off a good stroke spotting up from deep. Krause worked exceptionally hard on the defensive side to play tough defense. 

Austin Leibfried - 2024 - PF - WI Swing Bredesen
A strong 6’5” big man with a good build that plays with plenty of energy. He has some nice moves playing with his back to the basket with some nifty footwork to score on a high percentage of his paint touches. Leibfried also showed that he’s a very good rebounder, grabbing all missed shots anywhere near him. 

Calvin Little - 2024 - PG - All Ohio Red
A smart freshman that has great playmaking ability to create for his teammates. He moves so well with the basketball and excels at attacking the defense to distribute it out. Little can rack up the assists with his high-level vision on the move in addition to good passing skills. On the other end, he is a quality defender with his lateral quickness and good hands to be all over ball handlers. 

Antonio Starks-Fewell - 2024 - PG - Yanders Law
A high IQ pass first point guard. A good decision maker that reads the floor well and always knows where to go with it. He is a good passer that was often setting up his teammates with good scoring opportunities. While he was always looking to distribute, he also scored it himself attacking the basket and finishing strong there on his way to multiple and-one plays. 

Jacob Tucker - 2024 - G - Louisville Legends
A talented wing guard that is an impactful player. He is a tough matchup with his size and excels at going strong into the gaps in the defense to score around the paint. He is a versatile player that also rebounds the ball very well from the guard position, can defend multiple positions, and can spot up to knock down the three.  

Drew Wagner - 2024 - PG - JH1 Elite
Not the biggest of players, but has some great skills to his game. A playmaker that is good with the ball in his hands that was often penetrating the defense to create for himself and his teammates. Wagner is strong with the ball in his hands as well to being a good decision maker. He sees the floor very well on the move to rack up the assists and scored it himself on his drives and pulling up in the mid-range.