With 20 courts of actions and many of the top teams from around the region, one article to include all the top performers was just not enough. Here is part one of the top performers for the 16U level from this weekend. 

Xavier Booker - 2023 - PF - George Hill All-Indy
An incredibly high ceiling big man that stands at 6’11” and has great length. He is an elite shot blocker already with all his physical traits and good motor patrolling the paint. An aggressive player that goes hard after each and every rebound. Booker continues to show more of an offensive game as not only does he score it well around the basket, but also showed off a good spot up jumper with range from three. After the Swish N’ Dish Tournament he received his first offer coming from LSU and followed that up with an offer from Kansas State already after this tournament. 

James Brown - 2024 - PF - Mac Irvin Fire
Last week, Brown made the top performers list for the 15U level and while playing up this weekend Brown continued to shine to make the 16U top performers list. The tough and mobile power forward showed the ability to control the paint on both ends. He scores it strong though contact around the basket and also scored off the dribble attacking. Brown rebounds well on both ends and blocked or altered plenty of shots. 

Cam Christie - 2023 - G - Illinois Wolves
A lengthy wing guard that is a skilled shot maker. Christie moves well with the ball in his hands and can create his own shot. He does a great job pulling up in the mid-range to knock down shots right over defenders as well as adding some buckets getting all the way to the rim. 

Gavin Farrell - 2023 - G - WI Dynasty
The sophomore is a talented scorer. He is a very good shot maker that drills jumpers from the perimeter at a high percentage. He is very active moving without the basketball to get himself good looks at the basket. His scoring ability off the dribble has continued to improve as he added some nice driving buckets as well. He came up clutch in an overtime game during the tournament hitting a deep game winning three.

Bennett Fried - 2023 - G - Madison Spartans
A smart wing guard with good size at 6’6” in addition to his great length to perform well on both ends. With all his physical abilities, he defended both guards and forwards well. He showed a nice all-around game while rebounds and passing well, can handle the ball and attack the basket, and more.

Jake Hamilton - 2023 - G - Illinois Predators Elite
A smart 6’3” wing guard that knows how to play and has a good motor. He moves very well with the ball in his hands to be a tough downhill scorer. He was able to get himself into the paint often and finished well when he did. A strong finisher that was able to score in traffic inside amongst opposing big men. He really works on the defensive end and rebounded the ball well from the guard position.  

Jalen Haralson - 2025 - G - Team Teague
Even as an eight-grader playing up a couple levels, Haralson was one of the more impressive players at the 16U level. He has good size in the back court at 6’5” with plenty of skill. He defends the ball well with his quickness and length. On the offensive end, he has good range on his jumper knocking down some deep threes and can also get to the basket off the dribble with shifty moves as well to showing a good passing ability on his drives. 

Chico Johnson - 2023 - G - C2K Elite
A skilled 6’3” point guard with length that is very tough to defend off the dribble. He has good quickness and moves with the ball to often be penetrating the defense. He is able to get into the paint often and finish there in addition to having a good mid-range pull up game. 

Arhman Lewis - 2023 - PG - Movement Hoops Elite
A skilled scorer that put up 26 points in one of his games. Lewis scored it very well with the ball in his hands as he has deep range shooting it off the dribble as well to having good quickness to get into the paint and is a crafty finisher there. He has good handle and was able to get anywhere he wanted on the floor with the ball. Even though he was scoring the ball at a high rate, he proved to be an unselfish player that was also looking to distribute the basketball. 

Max Lucey - 2023 - G - WI Swing Bredesen
A playmaking 6’3” guard with some length. A good decision maker that does not force anything and just makes smart basketball plays. He shot the ball very well from three with a smooth jumper but also moves well with the ball to score attacking off the dribble.