With all the talent on the NY2LA Association, one part is just not enough at the 17U level for the top performers. Here is the second group of stars that made the list. 

Gavyn Hurley – 2023 – G – Wisconsin Swing

Another good tournament from Hurley which included a phenomenal performance down the stretch to defeat a big and athletic TJ Ford Academy squad. Even with plenty of defensive attention on him, the lengthy 6’5” guard showcased his scoring ability hitting threes at a high percentage and playing well going to the basket. Much more than just a scorer, Hurley has a nice well-rounded game and continues to perform at a high level. 

Kon Knueppel – 2024 – SG – Phenom University

One of the more consistent performers out there as Knueppel always plays at a high level producing, even with his team playing up a level during this tournament. The sophomore just has so many tools in his arsenal with his pure jumper, smart decision making, being able to create for himself, skilled passer and more. He earned himself an offer from Notre Dame as Mike Brey was in attendance. 

CJ O’Hara – 2023 – SG – Gain Elite Minnesota 

A smart and athletic 6’4” wing guard that plays with a good motor and can do much on the floor. A skilled scorer who takes it strong to the basket but was also knocking it down from deep over the tournament. On the other end, O’Hara plays just as well as a very tough and active defender who can match up with multiple positions effectively. 

Kamari Slaughter – 2023 – SG – 94 Feet Elite

A big piece behind 94 Feet Elite’s impressive tournament. Slaughter is a skilled and versatile two guard that impressed the most with ability to get to the basket. He is an athletic guard that plays with good toughness and is just incredibly tough to stop once he gets going to the basket. An active player that is a real stat stuffing guard. 

Kellon Smith – 2023 – PG – All Ohio Select

The point guard showed a great ability on both ends of the floor doing so much for his team. He has good length and moves well getting all over opposing guards forcing turnovers. On the other end, he has good moves off the dribble and maneuvers very well with the ball getting into the defense to create for himself and teammates. He goes hard to the basket and finishes as well to being a good decision maker passing the ball out. 

Luther Smith – 2023 – G – MTXE Premier

Another impressive tournament for Smith as he continues to display his scoring ability. Smith is best on the attack but has continued to shoot it well from the outside and in the mid-range. He is incredibly tough to stop as he continues to beat defenders in every way. An efficient scorer that has continued to let the game come to him and not force anything. 

Nino Smith – 2023 – PG – Michigan Playmakers

Smith controlled games with his distributing ability. He is very quick with the ball in his hands to continuously get into the defense and distribute it out. Smith showed great vision on the move always seeing the open man and being able to connect with his passing ability. Passing was his biggest contribution but he can also shoot it off the dribble from the outside. 

Jaden Walker – 2023 – SF – UTS Elite

The 6’4” wing had multiple big games over the course of the tournament. During the tournament he was knockdown shooter from three though he also scored it effectively going to the basket finishing above the rim. He has good length and athleticism and plays with good energy on the defensive end.  

Nasir Whitlock – 2023 – PG – Gain Elite Minnesota

Tournament after tournament, Whitlock just continues to perform at a high level. A skilled and high IQ point guard that creates well for his teammates but also put up plenty of points himself. A very gifted player with the ball in his hands with his strong handle, great vision, getting to the basket, and ability to quickly rise up and knock down jumpers. 

Tyrelle Wills – 2022 – PG – George Hill All Indy Unsigned

Wills had one of the top scoring performances of the tournament putting up 33 points in a single game. The unsigned senior is a well-built 6’4” guard has the ability to beat defenders in numerous ways. He got the basket often with good moves off the dribble as well by just powering his way through defenders.