While many players at the 15U level could make a strong argument for inclusion on this list, here are the players that were most deserving of the stock booster honors from this year’s Spring Extravaganza.  

AJ Bender – 2025 – SG – Wisconsin Swing

A guard that cannot only put up plenty of points but also distribute it. One of the better shooters at the 15U level of the tournament, Bender shoots it at a high percentage spotting up from the perimeter as well as pulling up in the mid-range. A smart guard that knows how to play and is a very skilled passer. 

Collin Clark – 2025 – G/F – Yanders Law

Even as a 6’6” freshman, Clark has a lot of abilities on the floor. He plays like a forward on the defensive end guarding the paint but shows a versatile scoring ability with some guard skills Clark can handle the ball in addition to having a smooth jumper spotting up from three. The high motor wing has great upside if his skills continue to develop. 

Corey Duncan – 2025 – SF – Mid Pro Academy East

A long and skilled forward that contributed in a variety of ways for his team with his versatile game. Not only can he shoot it well spotting up from the perimeter, but also played well on the attack. He moves well with the ball getting all the way to the basket as well as having a nice pull up jumper in the mid-range. 

John Kaul – 2025 – SG – North Oakland Wolfpack

A high energy guard that does a bit of everything to contribute, outworking everyone else on the court. Kaul is a versatile scorer that put up points in numerous ways but was at his best getting to the basket as well as pulling up in the mid-range. A good decision maker with the ball and he reads the floor well. Kaul is also a tough on ball defender that is very tough to beat.   

Aiden Hanks – 2025 – SF – Michigan Playmakers

A truly versatile player that is a real contributor on both ends of the floor. The lengthy 6’3” wing can match up with nearly anyone on the floor and defend them well. He has good handle and scores it very effectively going to the basket. Hanks is very active on the glass and fills up the box sheet in all areas. 

Luke Lawrence – 2025 – SG – Kyle Guy Elite

One of the better shooters at the 15U level of the tournament. An absolutely knockdown shooter with great form that was just not missing when he got set out on the perimeter. A very active player that moves well without the ball looking for his shots. More than just a shooter though, Lawrence is a high IQ guard that is a very skilled passer and made some plays off the dribble. 

Memphis McDowell – 2025 – PG – The Family

A quick and active point guard that plays well on both ends of the floor. A tough on ball defender that really works and gives opposing ball handlers issues with his aggressiveness and quickness. On the offensive side, McDowell showed a great ability to not only spot up for the three but also attack the basket and distribute it out. A smart guard with good feel. 

Dominic Rome – 2025 – G/F – Mercury Elite Konchar

The freshman is a strong wing that did a bit of everything for his team playing with a good motor to be all over the floor producing. A versatile scorer that got it done well not only while attacking the basket but also playing down in the post. He can play big using his strength just to overpower defenders. Rome really battles on the defensive end to matchup with multiple positions as well as go hard to the glass. A player that just did whatever was needed for his team. 

Raken Vargas – 2025 – PG – Team Temple

Vargas is a skilled and high IQ playmaker with his great ability to get into the paint and create. He is extremely quick with the ball to blow by defenders and get wherever he wants with the ball, always seeing the floor well. A good passer that not only distributed the ball but also scored it well himself getting into the paint and around the mid-range.