When editing video of Gain Elite Minnesota a couple years ago, I noticed a wirey wing who could shoot, and make impacts on the floor to help his team. This was the spring after his sophomore year. 

Remme is averaging so far almost 20 points a game, and uses his six foot five inch frame to shoot over smaller defenders and defending multiple positions.

Last season Spring Lake Park was 15-11, and probably performed a little bit below expectations. For 2019-20, Blake Remme and the rest of the team came in with a goal of winning 20 games. As of this chat with Blake, SLP was 9-2. Since, they've won twice more, and a lot of that has to do with the 6'5 guard.

Q: How's your season going so far?
A: it’s going good, we beat Osseo 87-68 tonight and we are 9-2 on the season.

Q: That's a good start to the senior year. What goals did you set for this season?
A: We want to get to the section finals and get close to 20 wins on the season. And ultimately make it to State. 

Q: Almost halfway on wins. As a senior what have you been to keep things going? 
A: I've been scoring 19.5 PPG this season so far and I’ve been helping out Daydor with rebounds and trying to be a good defender. Also as captain I have to be a leader.

Q: How's recruiting going? Any offers or interest you want to share?
A: Not much for offers yet, but I have a lot of NSIC interest, and some small D1 interest.

Q: Have they said anything specifically they say to you? Anything they want to see you improve on?
A: Basically they want me to gain some weight and try to work on consistency.

Q: During the basketball season it can be difficult to gain weight, are you finding any ways to do it?
A: I have weight room class every day, so I use that to my advantage. I also try to use a good diet to help me gain weight.