At 15 Puoch Dobuol was barely six feet tall. In one year he shot up three or four inches and by Junior he was six foot six. That height increase was accompanied by some additional length making him a more intriguing prospect to schools at multiple levels.

As a senior so far Dobuol is averaging almost ten boards, two steals, a block and two deflections a game utilizing that height, reach and athleticism to his advantage. The 2020 wing is also producing 14.6 points per game 3rd on the team behind fellow Senior's Chang Hoth and Michael Gravelle. 

Q: As a team obviously the season is going pretty well, 10-1, and another win last night. How do you think you're season is going personally?
A: Season going pretty well. I've improved in a lot of ways. I got more aggressive. Got better leading my team on defense and offense.

Q: How do you see your game changing from being more aggressive?
A: When I’m aggressive I can get a bucket when I want and create space for my teammates to the right shots up.

Q: Your length seems to create versatility when defending multiple types of players. Do you notice that on defense?
A: Sometimes when I’m reading how they’re offense is playing.

Q: What areas are trying to improve?
A: Catch and shoot a little quicker and helping the younger kids get better at practice.

Q: Do you feel a responsibility to help the younger kids get better?
A: Yeah because old Senior's use to help us when we were younger.

Q: That's great. How's the college recruiting going? Offers or interest?
A: A lot of interests. 

Q: Any schools you want to share or can share?
A: I’m getting looked at by NDSCS, Moorhead and a few others.